Tournament 2

Date: TBA

Welcome to the CEO GOLF Classic. Our 2nd event of the Trophy Cup Invitational Series. THE GOLF SEASON: In 2022, The Trophy Cup Invitational Series will host 5 championship style events. This will be a 5 event/tournament season where players will compete as an individual in a stroke-play format for both points and prize money. Each of the tournaments will feature one round (18-holes) and with play commencing by shotgun start. An Individual Champion will be crowned based on points accumulated throughout the season or over the period of 5 events. OUR FORMAT: - 48 Player (Smaller fields) - 18-holes (Only 1 round of Tournament play) - 5 Events (Your only golf season) - Shotgun Start (Ensuring a faster pace of play) THE EVENTS: Our 5 event series will take place from August – December 2022 across South Africa. Every tournament will be played in stroke-play format. Every stroke counts. The event winner will be the player with the lowest 18-hole stroke play in total. In the event of a tiebreaker, the winner will be decided with scores already recorded over holes 1-3, then 4,5,6 and upwards until hole 18. The player with the most ranking points after 5 events will be named the Trophy Cup Champion. FORMAT & DRAFT: Each event or tournament will be made up of amateur or professional golfers. Tee-times and field placements will be decided via a draft the week of each event.
The CEO GOLF Classic®